Carousels Mountain Park The Holyoke Area
The National Carousel Association
Another well-known preservation group
Karen and Jay
Jay Ducharme ran the Merry-Go-Round for many years. This site features a section devoted to Mountain Park.
The Heritage Park Visitor's Center
Featuring exhibits from Holyoke's famous past and present
The Bristol Carousel Museum
Located in Connecticut, this firm is restoring the Holyoke Merry-Go-Round horses
Defunct Parks
A great site with many links to parks from years gone by
The Canal Gallery
Holyoke's showplace for cutting-edge art
The Holyoke Merry-Go-Round
A page designed by Bob Cornellier
Mt. Park
Bob Cornellier's site filled with facts and photos
All about our historic city
Carousel Magic
A restoration firm that has a good links page
Amusement Park History
Some photos of the park from 2000 and commentary
Passport Holyoke
Promoting Holyoke´s rich cultural and historic heritage
Laff in the Dark
A site for dark ride enthusiasts that has a lengthy article about the Mountain Park fun houses
Tunnel of Laffs
Bret Malone pays homage to the park. He also has the Mountain Park fun house article.
Mountain Park Remembered
Ed Jacques' loving tribute to the park
Mountain Park Holyoke
Many factual errors, but lots of photographs at this fan's site